Board Meeting Minutes June 15, 2016

HVBA Board Meeting

June 15, 2016

Board Members:

James Maciokas

Laura Gonzales

Ron Henson

Kathy Schaub

Gary Duell

David Golobay

Steve Campbell

Andrew Nordby


Lydia Hamann

TJ Milashouskas


Kevin Moran

Call to order: 7:35 AM

Review Previous month’s minutes: No additional discussion.

Laura Gonzalez motioned to accept minutes, second by Gary Duell, no votes against, Ron Henson abstains. Motion Approved.

Review previous month’s General Meeting:

Guest speaker: Water Environmental Services – Greg Geist

Good presentation

Business Spotlight:  TJM Training Concepts – TJ Milashouskas

Good information, well received.

General Comments:

  • New basket needed for business cards.

Review current month’s General Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Exceed Enterprises – Gary Sirianni

Business Spotlight: Face It Aesthetics – Genelle Holub

Upcoming Guest Speaker’s – Board to reach out to additional interested parties:

  • June: Exceed Enterprises – Gary Siriani
  • July: Empty
  • August: Bruce Sussman – Tentative
  • September: Mark Bosnian – Voice Projection/Public Speaking – James to follow up
  • October: Returning Veterans Project – Tentative
  • November: Gary Fir – Business Coaching
  • December: No Meeting

Business Spotlight:

  • June: Genelle Holub – Face it Aesthetics
  • July: Karen Tinning
  • August: Strategic Print Solutions
  • September: Andrew Nordby
  • October: Columbia Bank – Ron Henson
  • November: Gethsemani Cemetery
  • December: No Meeting

Treasurer Report

Separate document: Motion to accept financials by Andrew Nordby, second by Laura Gonzales, no votes against, Gary Duell abstained. Motion Approved.


  • Venue for meetings:
    • Steve Cambpell – We are running out of room. It is loud and is hard to hear due to store operations. We either need to be more aware and ask New Seasons to adjust or we can look at a new venue, example – Happy Valley City Hall.
    • Agreement from David Golobay, Laura Gonzalea, Kathy Schaub, Gary Duell, James, no major objection to meeting at City Hall. We don’t really have additional options at this time.
    • When to change: We will change the meeting locations effective for our July 2016 meeting, announce in June meeting. – Ron to update the website.
    • David and Steve to talk to New Seasons to notify of venue change.
  • Business Card submission: Kathy to create new sign for business card raffle
  • New Magazine: Brainstorm on next year’s magazine. Start collecting photographs to input into magazine. Theme for upcoming magazine TBD.
  • Announce candidates for Board, elect new board.

Member Afterhours:

  • Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course
  • We need to plan it out further than July as a “Thank you!” and recruiting event.
  • Discussion Re: Member Afterhours
    • David: Most afterhours attended are poorly attended.
    • Laura: Present small survey to membership in attendance at June meeting.
    • David: will ask membership at general meeting for a show of hands.
    • Gary: Does not see need to add more activities at this point.

Member Update:

  • New Member – Global Security – Dave
  • Member did not renew – Happy Valley Station

Topic for next meeting – Condense membership directory categories on website @ July board meeting.

Facebook Update:

Separate Document by Laura Gonzales

Motion to adjourn:

Laura Gonzales made the motion to adjourn, second by James Maciokas. No opposition, motion approved

Meeting Adjourned 8:43AM

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Moran

HVBA Secretary

*Next HVBA board meeting is July 20th, 2016 at 7:30AM