Board Meeting Minutes May 18, 2016

HVBA Board Meeting

May 18th, 2016

Board Members:

TJ Milashouskas

James Maciokas

Laura Gonzales

Ron Henson

Kathy Schaub

Gary Duell

David Golobay

Steve Campbell

Andrew Nordby

Lydia Hamann








Sarah Holcombe

Kevin Moran


Call to order: 7:35 AM


Review Previous month’s minutes: No additional discussion.


TJ Milashousaks motioned to accept minutes, second by James Maciokas, no votes against. Motion Approved.


Review previous month’s General Meeting:


Guest speaker: Mayor Lori DeRemer


State of the City update and Q&A session well received.


Business Spotlight:  Steve & Traci Lisac – Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course


Brought good information and had good feedback from members.


General Comments:


  • New basket needed for business cards.


Review current month’s General Meeting:


Guest Speaker: Water Environmental Services – Greg Geist


Business Spotlight: TJM Training Concepts – TJ Milashouskas


Upcoming Guest Speaker’s – Board to reach out to additional interested parties:


  • May: Water Environmental Services – Greg Geist
  • June: Oregon House District 51 Candidates – Tentative
  • July: Mark Bosnian – Voice Projection/Public Speaking – Tentative
  • August: Bruce Sussman – Tentative
  • September: Exceed Enterprises – Tentative
  • October: Returning Veterans Project – Tentative
  • November: Gary Fir – Business Coaching – Tentative
  • December: No Meeting



Business Spotlight:


  • May: TJM Training Concepts – TJ Milashouskas
  • June: Genelle Holub – Face it Aesthetics
  • July: Karen Tinning
  • August: Strategic Print Solutions
  • September: Andrew Nordby
  • October: Columbia Bank – Ron Henson
  • November: Gethsemani Cemetery
  • December: No Meeting


Treasurer Report

Separate document: Motion to accept by Andrew Nordby, second by Laura Gonzales, no votes against, Gary Duell abstained. Motion Approved.



Member-at-Large Update Report

97 regular members

New members: None at this time

Expired members: None at this time




HVBA Endorsement of Mayor Lori DeRemer for House District 51 Race:

  • Motion to endorse Mayor DeRemer by Gary Duell, James Maciokas second. No votes against, 3 abstained (Ron Henson, Lydia Hamann, Kathy Schaub). Motion approved.


Welcome Basket:


  • Motion to approve the giving of welcome baskets to new businesses in Happy Valley by Laura Gonzales, second by TJ Milashouskas. No votes against, motion approved.


*Next HVBA board meeting is May 18th, 2016 at 7:30AM


Motion to adjourn:


Laura Gonzales made the motion to adjourn, second by Lydia Hamann. No opposition, motion approved


Meeting Adjourned 8:36AM


Respectfully submitted,

Ron Henson

HVBA Secretary