Board Meeting Minutes November 15, 2016

HVBA Board Meeting

November 15, 2016

Board Members:

David Golobay

Laura Gonzalez

Kathy Schaub

TJ Milashouskas

Ron Henson

Kevin Moran



Steve Campbell

Sarah Holcombe

Gary Duell


Call to order:  7:34am

Review Previous month’s minutes:

Wait until next meeting

Review previous month’s General Meeting:

Guest speaker: Kevin Mannix

Provided useful information in regards to the Port of Portland

Business Spotlight:  Ron Henson – Columbia Bank

Review current month’s General Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Gary Fir – Business Coaching (45 min)

Business Spotlight: Kevin Moran – CFCU

Upcoming Guest Speaker’s – Board to reach out to additional interested parties:

  • November: Gary Fir – Business Coaching
  • December: No Meeting

Business Spotlight:

  • November: Gethsemani Cemetery
  • December: No Meeting

Next available Business Spotlight opening is April 2017

Member Update:

92 active, 5 new members in October

Treasurer Report:

Financial Grant – Tourism, available February

David moves motion to accept financials, Laura seconds.

Marketing/Facebook Updates:

Movin’ and groovin’


Friday, December 2nd – Christmas Party 6-8pm @ Sah-Hah-Lee Golf Course

Invite City Council

Debit Card Signers – Ron, TJ, David, & Gary

David Makes motion to have Ron as a signer, Laura seconds

Doughnuts – Mediterranean & Gary getting Turkey

Coffee – Pete’s Coffee

HVPD – Draft a letter of appreciation for PD & City Engineer

Motion to adjourn:

David motion end meeting, Andrew seconds, all approve, none oppose

Meeting Adjourned: 8:21am

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Moran

HVBA Secretary

*Next HVBA board meeting is Dec. 21, 2016