Board Meeting Minutes September 21, 2016

HVBA Board Meeting

September 21, 2016

Board Members:

David Golobay

Andrew Nordby

Gary Duell

Kathy Schaub

James Maciokas

Steve Campbell

Laura Gonzales

TJ Milashoukas (via video)

Sarah Holcombe


Kevin Moran



Call to order: 8:00 am  

Review Previous month’s minutes: Last month’s meetings need to be sent out

Review previous month’s General Meeting:

Guest speaker: City of Happy Valley

Business Spotlight:  Strategic Print & Promotions

Review current month’s General Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Mark Bosnian – Voice Projection/ Public Speaking 

Business Spotlight: Karen Tinning

Upcoming Guest Speaker’s – Board to reach out to additional interested parties:

  • September: Mark Bosnian – Voice Projection/Public Speaking
  • October: Kevin Mannix
  • November: Gary Fir – Business Coaching
  • December: No Meeting

Business Spotlight:

  • September: Karen Tinning
  • October: Columbia Bank – Ron Henson
  • November: Gethsemani Cemetery
  • December: No Meeting

Next available Business Spotlight opening is April 2017

Member Update: No new members since last meetings, but six past due.

Treasurer Report:

HVBA has a surplus of money allocated for insurance. Gary suggested to move $650 out. James suggested that money be put towards coffee and food, line item 29. David moved to accept the financials, Ron seconded, Gary abstained, all approve, motion passed.

Marketing/Facebook Updates: On average, HVBA is spending $1.50 a day on pay-per-click ads.


–          HVBA Board of Director responsibilities

  • Sarah and Ron will meet with Aaron and Nate about the HVBA’s website and create an interactive calendar. Gary suggested a technology position for the board. We need a new group photo for the website.

–          Endorsements

  • James moves that we adopt a formal procedure for political candidates. Gary seconded. 7 years and 1 nay. Motions passes.
  • James motioned for a vote of confidence that HVBA will consider future candidates and ballot measures for endorsement. Andrew seconded. 7 yeas and 1 nay. Motion passes.
  • Sarah will contact Beaverton Chamber on their endorsement policy and Andrew will contact North Clackamas Chamber.

–          Update Website – Ron & Sarah to contact Erin and Nate @ Bloody Monster to make the calendar available for our members to post events on.

–          Bio & Picture update – Ron will remove board members who are no longer part of the HVBA as well as update positions. Get additional bio’s and headshots for new members.

Motion to adjourn: Andrew motioned to adjourn the meeting, James seconded the motion, all in favor, none oppose

Meeting Adjourned: 8:55am

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Moran

HVBA Secretary

*Next HVBA board meeting is Oct. 19, 2016