Board Minutes- August 20, 2014

HVBA Board & Budget Meeting

August 20, 2014


David Golobay- absent

Lynda Walker- absent

Andrew Nordby

James Maciokas

Kathy Schaub

Lydia Hamann

Gary Duell

Gail Mohrlang

Laura Gonzales

Steve Campbell

Nikki Gerson

TJ  Milashouskas


Call to order & Introductions

July Minutes approved

General Review Last Month’s Meeting:

Business Spotlight review  :  Deena Jensen- Alpine Mortgage

Guest speaker  – Amy Oakley

Discussed needing people for future Business Spotlight reviews

Review current Month’s General Plans

Business Spotlight:  Hearts of Gold Pet Sitting

Speaker:  Greg Bittke- Health Care/ Exchange Update

Treasurer Update: separate documents

No future expense requests at this time

Motion by James to accept treasurer report, seconded by Laura , motion carried

Member-at-Large Update

105 current members

3 new members

  • Lucille’s Cards & Gifts
  • Brett Sherman, Madrona Wealth Management, LLC
  • Happy Hollow

Question on whether Mail Chimp updates when new members join or existing members update their email address – for purposes of sending out email notifications to HVBA general membership.  Laura followed up with our website team and Nate replied that he will make that happen.


  • October Guest Speaker slot- speaker on each of the following bond measures on the upcoming ballot:
    • North Clackamas Park and Recreation reformation of District
    • Clackamas Community College big capital improvement bond
    • City of Happy Valley Police Levy
  • Legal Agreement: Joseph Kaufmann, Esq
    • Retainer agreement to help with writing up contracts between the HVBA and businesses HVBA contracts with; as well as bylaws and any other legal issues that may arise;
    • Motion by Lydia to approve legal agreement pending addition of trade agreement of 1 hour legal work for in-kind membership and ad space; seconded by Kathy; motion carried
  • Bylaws: Board position descriptions
    • Tabling discussion until we verify with attorney if we need specifics within bylaws
    • Would like to add to bylaws regulations on visitors or guests

Meeting Adjourned 9:00am

 Respectfully submitted,

Nikki Gerson

HVBA Secretary