Board Minutes, February 18, 2015


David Golobay

Steve Campbell

Andrew Nordby

James Maciokas

Kathy Schaub

Lydia Hamann

Gary Duell

Gail Mohrlang

Laura Gonzales

Nikki Gerson

TJ Milashouskas

Ron Henson

Clackamas Fire Department: Chief Fred Charleton; Don Trotter; Marilyn Wall

Call to order:

January minutes approved: Laura made motion; Andrew 2nd; motion carried

 Review Last month’s  General Meeting:

Guest Speaker: Agent Samantha Baltzerse of the FBI

Business Spotlight:  Gary Duell

Review current month’s General Meeting

Guest Speaker: Mike Bragg & Rob Chevallier

Business Spotlight:  TJ Milashouskas, TJM Training Concepts 

Review future month’s General Meeting


Guest Speaker: Fire Department- at the Fire Department

Business Spotlight: Harcourt Realty


Guest Speaker: City of Happy Valley

Business Spotlight: Joan Lubar Alvarez, JLA Health Stop


Guest Speaker: open

Business Spotlight: Sunnyside Farmer’s Market


Guest Speaker: open

Business Spotlight: Dr. Stafford


Guest Speaker: open

Business Spotlight: open


Guest Speaker: John Mitchell

Business Spotlight: open


Guest Speaker: open

Business Spotlight: open


Guest Speaker: open

Business Spotlight: open


Guest Speaker: open

Business Spotlight: open

Treasurer Report

Separate Documents

  • TJ made motion to accept Treasurer’s Report; Kathy 2nd, motion carried.
  • We’ve hired Edith Foteff to do bookkeeping for the HVBA.
  • Harlem Ambassadors are booked solid this year.  Laura returned the grant of $2500 to North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce the HVBA received for the event .
  • Lydia made motion to remove “Grant” from the budget; Laura 2nd, motion carried.

 Member-at-Large Update

  • Harcourt Realty
  • Tamara Manzo Stelcor Energy
  • One more?


  • Chief Fred Charleton of Clackamas Fire presented on upcoming bond measure 3-466 for May 19 election; General obligation bond to improve safety and security:
  • James made motion to go on record supporting measure 3-466, Lydia 2nd, motion carried.
  • HVBA with the City of Happy Valley will cosponsor event on cybersecurity geared to parents and kids.  Event details in progress.
  • Outreach: Lydia suggested Board Members have outreach plans to our current customer base, and community members- to raise awareness of the HVBA and grow our membership base.  Board agreed to have more discussion about an event later this year to increase membership.
  • Happy Valley Police Levy: City Council voted for $1.38 per thousand of assessed property value- which is the same amount that the levy has been.
  • Laura made motion to support the Police Levy and direct $350 to putting a letter of support in the ballot; TJ 2nd; motion carried.

Gary made motion to adjourn meeting; James 2nd; motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned  8:30am 

Respectfully submitted,

Nikki Gerson

HVBA Secretary