Board Minutes – June 18, 2014

HVBA Board & Budget Meeting

June 18, 2014


David Golobay

Lynda Walker

Andrew Nordby

James Maciokas

Kathy Schaub

Lydia Hamann

Gary Duell

Gail Mohrlang

Laura Gonzales

Steve Campbell

Erik Wood, absent

Guests,  Rae Yau, Nikki Gerson & TJ  Milashouskas


Call to order & Introductions

May minutes approved

General Review Last Month’s Meeting:

Business Spotlight review – Aspire Fitness

Guest speaker  -Street of Dreams Report

Discussed needing to start meeting on time.

Review current Month’s General Plans

Business Spotlight:  Subway – Gail & Jen

Speaker:  Reports from Treasurer, Membership, Marketing, City Update

Election of new board for 2014-2015

Treasurer Report – separate documents.  Continuation of budget discussions which will be formalized at the next board meeting.


Member-at-Large Update

1 new member: Ganelle Holub, Faceit Aesthetics


  • Possibility of booking Harlem Ambassadors as a community event.  Gary will send the board members & marketing committee the details.
  • Discussion regarding the web categories.  Too many? Not enough? How could a member be listed in two categories?  Board will evaluate the categories and continue discussion.
  • Resolution Proposal – Effective 7/1/2014 Standard membership dues shall be $100 per year and Premium membership dues shall be $200 per year. Gary moved, Lydia seconded – discussion followed. Voted – all opposed and motion did not carry.
  • Motion made by Gary and seconded by James to make standard membership pricing with premium membership perks to all members.  After discussion a motion was made and seconded to table this discussion until a later date. Motion carried.

Resolution Proposal made for off budget expenditures and reads as follows:

Resolution 2014-2

Off-Budget Expenditures

The Board of Directors of the Happy Valley Business Alliance hereby resolve to clarify the off-budget[1] expenditures for which Directors may use their debit cards, or, be reimbursed by the Treasurer, without prior Board approval. 

 The policy states:

Effective immediately, Directors (as defined bylaws Article V. Section 1.) each may spend, or be reimbursed for, up to $100 per fiscal year for off-budget operating expenses without prior board approval.  Any such expenditures must be disclosed and be subject to approval at the next board meeting following the expenditure(s).  If the board votes not to approve the expenditure(s) then the subject Directors must reimburse the HVBA within 30 days.  

 Gary motioned and James seconded the adoption of this resolution.  Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 am

 Respectfully submitted,

Lynda Walker

HVBA Secretary


[1] Expenditures not already approved in the current fiscal year budget