Board Minutes- October 15, 2014

HVBA Board Meeting

October 15, 2014


David Golobay

Steve Campbell

Andrew Nordby

James Maciokas

Kathy Schaub

Lydia Hamann

Gail Mohrlang

Laura Gonzales

Nikki Gerson

Tyler Lundquist

Call to order

September minutes approved: Andrew made motion; Lydia 2nd; motion carried

Review Last month’s  General Meeting:

Business Spotlight review: Andrew Nordby

Guest speaker – Congressman Kurt Schrader

Review October General Meeting

Guest Speaker: Representatives for each of the following:

Measure 3-447, Clackamas Community College – Bonds
Measure 3-451, North Clackamas Parks & Recreation – Governance
Measure 3-462, City of Happy Valley – Police Services Tax

Business Spotlight: Critter’s Choice

Review November General Meeting

Guest Speaker: Historical Outreach Foundation

Business Spotlight: Laura Gonzales: Dr. Crawlspace

Treasurers Report

Separate Documents

Member-at-Large Update

1 new member: Northwest Budding Scholars


-Laura drafted a proposal to the City of Happy Valley for a $10,000 grant (separate document).  The board reviewed and approved the proposal.

-Happy Valley Magazine: November 25th is the City’s deadline for submitting everything on their end.  Still working out the theme and tit will revolve around the 50th Anniversary of the City of Happy Valley.

-Attendance: discussion as to how we can engage long-time HVBA members and get them back at meetings:  the Board will call our general membership and see if they’d be interested in additional activities (after hours and lunch events).  Steve stated the City will dedicate time to redevelop relationships with partners in the community.

– Becky Micciche, Community Services, is retiring from the city, Lydia will be purchasing a bottle of wine as a going away present on behalf of the Board.

Laura made motion to adjourn meeting; Andrew 2nd; motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned  8:45am

Respectfully submitted,

Nikki Gerson

HVBA Secretary