Board Minutes- September 17, 2014

HVBA Board & Budget Meeting

September 17, 2014


David Golobay

Andrew Nordby

James Maciokas

Kathy Schaub

Lydia Hamann

Gary Duell

Gail Mohrlang

Laura Gonzales

Steve Campbell

TJ  Milashouskas

Nikki Gerson

Call to order & Introductions

August minutes approved: Kathy made motion, Gail 2nd; motion carried

General Review Last Month’s Meeting:

Business Spotlight review  :  Hearts of Gold Pet Sitting

Guest speaker  – Greg Bittke- Health Care/ Exchange Update

Review current Month’s General Plans

Business Spotlight:  Andrew Nordby

Speaker:  Congressman Kurt Schrader

Next month: October 2014

Business Spotlight: Critters Choice

Guest Speaker:  Speaker on each of the following bond measures on the upcoming ballot:

  • North Clackamas Park and Recreation reformation of District
  • Clackamas Community College big capital improvement bond
  • City of Happy Valley Police Levy

Treasurer Update:

Separate Documents

Member-at-Large Update

No new members

Marketing update

We will be seeing City of Happy Valley ads as there is money left over from grants

Marketing committee currently down to 2-4 people per meeting.

Laura proposes withdraw of Marketing Committee and instead have marketing be part of the general Board meetings and discussions.  No further meetings are currently planned after the October Board meeting.  Laura asked the Board to think on and plan the future for the Marketing Committee.


  • Happy Valley Magazine publication pushed back to January making it a calendar year magazine going forward.
  • Guests at Happy Valley Business Alliance General Meetings: to better welcome our guests we will announce at the beginning of the meetings we would like all guests to stand up so we can acknowledge them and meet with them.  Identify first time guests to reach out to and encourage to return and join.
  • Claim against Director’s and Officers Insurance policy closed.

James made motion to adjourn meeting, TJ 2nd, motion carried

Meeting Adjourned 8:30 am

Respectfully submitted,

Nikki Gerson

HVBA Secretary