Board Meeting Minutes February 15, 2017

HVBA Board Meeting

February 15th, 2017

Board Members:

Kevin Moran

Steve Campbell

TJ Milashouskas

Ron Henson

Gary Duell

Kathy Schaub

James Mackiokas

David Golobay


Andrew Nordby

Laura Gonzalez


Call to order:  7:34am

Review meeting minutes from November meeting:

 Brought copy of November Meeting Minutes for everyone to review

James motion to approve meeting minutes, Ron seconds, all in favor, none oppose

Review January speaker/spotlight:

  • TJM Training Concepts: TJ Milashouskas, Situational Awareness
  • JLA Health Stop: Joan Lubar, The Sassy Sage
  • Review HVBA Business Spotlight from December Monthly

Great presentations from both presenters

Upcoming Guest speaker:

  • February:  Fred Meyer’s
  • March: TBD

Rotary, look around for speakers to present, follow up with James

Upcoming Business Spotlight:

  • February: Country Financial
  • March:
  • April: Clackamas Dogs Foundation (Sarah)
  • May: Bartlett Tree Experts (Logan)

List will be sent out to board

Membership Update:

1 new member in past month

Treasurer Report / Financial Update:

Ahead with dues

Budget monies for chamber events in the future

Purchase table and do drawing for interested HVBA members who would like to attend

Include name badges with membership?

Gary makes a motion to include a name badge, all in favor, 1 oppose, will relook at this in a year

Gary makes a statement to resign from his Treasurer position

Gary makes a motion to accept the financials, Ron seconds, all in favor, none oppose

Marketing/Facebook Updates:

Laura not in attendance


  • Review HVBA Board of Director Responsibilities (per by-laws)
    • If someone needs assistance in a responsibility, make sure to ask for assistance and be sent to the board
    • Encourage membership to get involved and be assigned
    • A need of a representation at Happy Valley City Council meetings
    • Board review of contract with Pamplin Media
      • Create file and place in flash drive (personal note) and will be sent electronically to everyone via TJ
    • Board ideas for HVBA activities/events for membership in 2017
      • Bring ideas of activities / events for the following board meeting
    • State of the Cities
      • 2 tables available for members and those on board
        • David motions to increase the budget for State of the Cities to include a purchase an additional table
    • Business in the County
    • HVBA Website
      • Has been updated
      • Update photos for the main page
      • Will be continued to be updated
    • Providing flyer to membership about membership events
      • Non-profit events
    • City of Happy Valley Town Hall Event 2/16 6:30 – 8:30pm
      • Rep. Janelle Bynum will be speaking on big transportation projects

Motion to adjourn:

Ron motioned to adjourn the meeting, James seconded the motion, all in favor, none oppose



Meeting Adjourned: 9am


Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Moran

HVBA Secretary


*Next HVBA board meeting is March 15th, 2017