Marketing Committee Meeting Minutes 11-18-2013



  1. Meeting was brought to order by the Chairperson of the committee, Laura Gonzales, in the conference room of the Happy Valley City Hall at 8:30 AM.
  2. Those in attendance. Gene Comfort, Arron Memmott, Tara Krick, Jean Lubar-Alvarez, Michael McQuiggin, Neena Kirkwood, Greg Baker, Stephani Hern, David Golobay, Steve Campbell, Cary Carty and Laura Gonzales.
  3. Laura announced that there had been a change of focus for our project.  The Business Alliance had received $6,500 part “Tourism Grant” and part city contribution.  We also have the $10,000 assigned to the Marketing Committee from the HVBA.  That means the message of the promotion spots will be to VISIT OUR COMMUNITY – come and Linger Longer to enjoy what the community and its businesses have to offer.
  4. Laura introduced Tara Krick of REX Production and Post, The firm that has been hired to develop and produce the TV and Internet spots that will highlight the HVBA tourism message and the promotional message of the “Business Partners”
  5. Tara outlined that the proposed spots would be 30-seconds in length.  The first 20-seconds would be the HVBA Tourism message and the final 10-seconds would be the partners’ message.  Partners would provide the video from their own available files, or REX  Post would work with them to produce a video.  Tara reported that several hours of tourism video had already be shot and the next step would be to edit it down to approved and accepted spots.  Tara then showed a sample of the clips that had been shot.
  6. Eventually, the combined HV and partner spots would be aired on a rotating basis on KOIN, KGW and FOX 12 at the rate of 150 TV spots per month at a budgeted cost of $30,000 per month.  But to start, we will produce and air the HVBA stand alone spots.  Laura will provide a budget and details of expenses for the $16,500 currently available.
  7. Laura presented proposed schedule of the four “partner packages” that were being considered, ranging from $1,500 per month to $5,500 per month.  Each package would require a partner’s annual commitment and would include a guaranteed first right of refusal for the following year.
  8. Steve Campbell distributed the “hot off the presses” Happy Valley Magazine for 2014, produced by the Happy Valley Business Alliance and published by the Pamplin Media Group.  The committee was very complementary of the publication which will be distributed widely in the next few days and weeks.
  9. Laura distributed the “Partner List” for review and discussion.  Committee members volunteered to contact specific business partners on the list as the project moves forward.
  10. A kick-off event was discussed where prospective partners would be invited for an evening of refreshment and socializing where the various packages would be discussed along with visual presentations of what a spot would look like.  The committee discussed possible venues for such an event and suggestions were made including a TV station, the New Seasons facility and the developing site of the Military Museum at Camp Withycombe.  Laura and Steve will approach these suggested venues and report back.
  11. A proposed date and time for this kick-off event was discussed and it was suggested  Tuesday or Thursday, January 14 or 16, at 6:00 – 8:00 PM.
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