October 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

HVBA Board Meeting Notes for 10/16/19

Board present: Ana, Janice, Daniel, Kathy, Patrick, Laura, Fred, Alisa, Jessica, Tanya, Steve and James. 

Meeting started 7:30AM

Verifying duties for sub Committees:

Secretary/Daniel: No change, Sending meeting reminder week before on Wednesday, and Monday before for the board meeting. Send and post meeting agendas to team and on website. Collect and distributes HVBA mail once a week on Wednesdays. 

Treasure/David: No change, Chair of Budget Committee, all financial obligations, maintains and monitors bank accounts, processes payment request, responsible for membership and dues, maintains inventory of all HVBA assets. 

Membership Coordinator/ Kathy: No change. Maintains marketing materials and membership list, Member recruitment efforts, coordinates business spotlight, follow up with new members.  

Meeting coordinator/Patrick, James: No change. Coordinates guest speaker, works with President to ensure meeting stays on topic and on time, Ensures marketing material goes out about events and meetings, Organizes membership meetings. 

Marketing committee/Jessica: No change, further details to be settled on. Laura and Jessica will chat to set a plan and pass torch. 

Event committee/ Tanya, Stephanie: No change. City asked to ensure we communicate better, and ensure whatever promo’s are ran by them first to help make sure we can deliver.

Membership Committee Kathy: No change. Responsible for contacting new members and assisting with marketing for gaining new members. 

New business outreach ideas:

-December board Holiday party TBD

-January next networking/social

-Web developer conversation: TBD, everyone in agreement it was ok to outsource.

-Budget: Change social media to electronic media-Let David know, 

-Kathy, Janice, Daniel approved Budget. 

-Is social media advertising even working?

-Is our email valuable? City updates, future developments

-Should we bring back tiered member level’s? TBD

-Where is the human connection when we contact potential and new members?


Membership Updates: 122 members, New: Axel tree apartments. Web notifications under construction.

City Updates: 

Magazine letter going out with info on how to participate in it. Dec 12th to respond. Content is on track and ready, format will be different. Saying what each group does and has done. people places and things theme. HVBA will have one page. Daniel will help with redistribution of magazine through the city. 

-Police levy awareness still happening, 5 thousand door hangers provided and will be out soon.

-City tree lighting coming up- Dec 1st. City trying to get a rental ice-skating rink with skates, all TBD. 

-City seeing if the community would be interested in picking what the city event would be for the year. Plan to ask residents to vote for the type of event they’d like to see happen. TBD still in the works.

-Have each business post on FB about the HVBA networking event tonight. Bring enrollment forms for the HVBA.

Meeting adjourned:

Approved by: Janice, Ana, Kathy and Daniel